Jan Erik Johansen

Jan Erik Johansen started out in the automotive industry, working with engine and transmission development for passenger cars, trucks and construction equipment. The first professional contact with the marine industry was as a technical project engineer for scrubber system design for passenger ships. Currently, Mr. Johansen is the product specialist for Side-Power fin stabilizer systems at Sleipner Motor AS.
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Stabilizers: vector fins vs. flat fins

By Jan Erik Johansen 2. May 2019

In our focus to develop the best products for the marine market, we continuously invest to make all of our products even better. In this article we present the difference between flat fins and vector fins.

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What are marine stabilizers and how do they work?

By Jan Erik Johansen 2. May 2019

Marine stabilizer systems have been around for a long time, but are typically known for being used on larger passenger ships and super yachts. However, with the dramatically increased comfort and usability stabilizers add to any boat, it has also left owners of small leisure vessels wanting these systems.

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This is why you should install stabilizers on your next boat

By Jan Erik Johansen 8. March 2019

Rolling around at sea is something most people will prefer to avoid if they can. With the modern stabilizing systems available today, you reduce the risk of becoming seasick by 80-90 percent. 

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