How to choose the right stabiliser for your boat

By Ronny Skauen 31. October 2019

Over the last few years, roll stabilisation has become a must-have for boat owners due to the impressive increase in comfort it delivers. The dramatic roll reduction modern systems provide also increases safety onboard and as a result, allows many families to get more use out of their boats.

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Hydraulic Oil for Marine Use

By Benny Sørensen 5. June 2019

The pressure bearing media in a hydraulic system can be many different fluids, in which oil is most common. However, water hydraulics can be found in special applications within the food industry to lower the risk of contamination and in high-pressure cutting, in drilling equipment and in fire suppression systems such as water mist sprinklers. 

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An Introduction to Marine Hydraulics

By Benny Sørensen 5. June 2019

Marine hydraulics has become one of the most used power- and torque delivery systems, primarily due to the highly efficient transfer of large both linear and rotary forces and torques.

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The difference between vector fins stabilisers and flat fins stabilisers

By Jan Erik Johansen 2. May 2019

Vector fins re-direct the force direction

Vector Fins™ simply re-direct the force direction/force vectors so that more of the force will benefit roll reduction and less force is wasted on the negative side-effects of yaw and sway that is unfavourable for a boat’s handling and comfort on board.

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