Pros and Cons of Different Marine Thruster Solutions

By Runar Scott Jensen 29. May 2019

Boats come in many different shapes and sizes. There are now bow and stern thruster solutions for virtually every type of motor boat and sailing yacht ever produced. 

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How To Reduce Noise from Your Bow Thruster

By Runar Scott Jensen 2. May 2019

When it comes to discussing the pros and cons of installing and using bow or stern thrusters, the subject of noise crops up in almost every single conversation. But with a certain amount of planning and forethought, noise form a thruster installation can be reduced significantly at the source. 

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Topics: thrusters, reduce noise, Side Power, Marine Thrusters, Boat Owners

How to Choose the Best Thruster Brand For Your Boat

By Runar Scott Jensen 2. May 2019

One of the most relevant and applicable sayings when talking about boating products and the installation of after-market accessories is: "you get what you pay for", and this applies as much to bow- and stern thrusters, as it does for anything else. 

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Topics: Thruster - Leisure, thrusters, thruster brand, bow thruster, customer service, stern thruster, Marine Thrusters, Boat Owners

Welcome to The Marine Blog for Stabilizers and Thrusters

By Thomas Skauen 1. March 2019

Side-Power by Sleipner Motor are proud to introduce this new base of knowledge. Here you will find articles, videos and web pages about thrusters for workboats and stabilizers for yachts and commercial vessels.

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Topics: stabilizers, thrusters, Marine Stabilizers, Marine Thrusters, Marine Hydraulics

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