White yacht benefit from stabiliser system for improved comfort and safety on board

Marine stabiliser systems have been around for a long time, but are typically known for being used on larger passenger ships and super yachts. However, with the dramatically increased comfort and usability stabilisers add to any boat, it has also left owners of small leisure vessels wanting these systems.

When installing a high performing stabilisation system onboard, you benefit from:

1) Stabilisers provide increased comfort on board

  • More use of the boat as you can go out in more weather conditions. 
  • People that easily get seasick can now enjoy boating.
  • Less wear and tear of the boat as you do not have to always head into, or  away from larger waves to avoid the uncomfortable rolling motion.

2) Stabilisers provide increased safety on board

  • Reduced risk of accidents caused by unexpected boat roll.
  • Increased crew awareness by less fatigue and discomfort.  

3) With stabilisers you benefit from reduced fuel consumption overall

While adding fins (or other stabiliser types), most systems will increase the fuel consumption a little at the same speed, fins by direct drag in the water, and gyros by adding weight. However, our claim is that the overall fuel consumption will be reduced because with stabilisers, you can take the direct route to where you wish to go, even in rough conditions.  You can also choose a more fuel efficient speed, with the waves from the side, while still being comfortable (modern cruisers have less roll at higher speeds, thereby people often drive them hard to avoid the rolling).  This is a generic statement for all fin stabiliser systems, with Vector Fins™, this improves even further, as described later for the added benefits of Vector Fins™.

4) Stabilisers increase your boat's second hand value

Surely, the boat will be a lot more attractive on the used boat market, boasting a system that allows people who might be prone to seasickness to reconsider their ability to enjoy the sea, and thereby adding a whole new range of potential

Download free guide: Installation guide for stabilizers